Free Licensing Agreement Form

A Licensing Agreement Form is a document involving two parties used to grant the right to use certain real or intellectual property.

The two parties preparing the Licensing Agreement can be a single person, partnership or organization and are known as the Licensor and the Licensee.

Free Licensing Agreement Form

Some examples of a Licensing Agreement Form are the right to use a trademark from a Licensor on a product that belongs to the Licensee.

The Licensee applies for the right to distribute a product belonging to the Licensor, and the Licensor giving the rights to use a design or process to a Licensee.

Do it yourself Licensing Agreement Forms provided online are simple and flexible templates that contain numerous sections for a variety of optional documentation.

Licensing Agreement Forms protect the Licensor’s rights when allowing the use of intellectual property, especially technology products.

You need a Licensing Agreement Form if you intend to give someone permission to use or sell your property.

In business, a Licensing Agreement Form does not need to be full of legal jargon. A Licensing Agreement should be easy to understand, straightforward and enforceable.

When drafting a Licensing Agreement, you need to include the following:

  • Details of the Licensing Agreement or what the license actually entails.
  • Fees, payments, and revenue generated by the granting of the Licensing Agreement.
  • Length of the Licensing Agreement
  • Prohibited acts and uses of the licensed product or property.
  • Limited liability on the part of the Licensor.
  • Cure for disagreements between the parties.
  • Termination procedures of the Licensing Agreement.

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