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An Agreement Form is used to ackowledge the union of two or more parties into an arrangement of mutual obligation. It requires an offer and an acceptance, can often be informal and may even lack some of the legally binding terms normally included in contracts. In fact, to reach an agreement the parties involved only need to come to an understanding as to what their rights are and obligations will be going forward.

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Top points to remember when drafting an agreement form:

  • Make sure you get everything in writing
  • Keep it as simple and straightforward as possible
  • Identify all of the parties involved
  • Make sure you are dealing with the decision maker
  • Voice confidentiality concerns
  • Include all of the details and fine print
  • Be very specific on any monetary considerations
  • Be very specific on any rights to terminate and cure for such
  • Identify dispute resolution and mediation measures
  • Select the state laws that will govern your agreement


Dated: _____________________

Rental Agreement between ________________________________________, Owner(s), and _________________________________________, Tenant(s), for a dwelling located at ___________________________________________________________ (Location).

Tenant(s) agree to rent this dwelling for $ _______ per month, payable in advance on the ______ day of the calendar month for which Owner(s) will give Tenant(s) a rebate/discount of $ _____________.

The first month’s rent for this dwelling is $ ______________.

The security/cleaning deposit on this dwelling is $ _________. It is refundable if Tenant(s) leave the dwelling reasonably clean and undamaged.

Tenant(s) will give ______ days’ notice in writing before they move and will be responsible for paying rent through the end of this notice period or until another tenant approved by the Owner(s) has moved in, whichever comes first. Owners will refund all deposits due within _________ days after Tenants has/have moved out completely and returned the keys.

Only the following ____ persons and ____ pets are to live in this dwelling described as ___________________________________________________.

Without Owners’ prior permission written permission, no other persons may live there and no other pets may stay there, even temporarily, nor may the dwelling be sublet or used for business purposes.

Use of the following is included in the rent:_____________________

Remarks (if any):_________________________________________________


1) to accept the dwelling “as is,” having already inspected it.
2) to keep yards and garbage areas clean.
3) to keep from making loud noises and disturbances and to play music and broadcast programs at all times so as not to disturb other people’s peace and quiet.
4) not to paint the dwelling without first getting Owner(s) written permission.
5) to park motor vehicles in the assigned space and to keep that space clean of oil drippings and grease.
6) not to repair motor vehicle on the premises (unless it is in an enclosed garage) if such repairs will take longer than a day.
7) to allow Owner(s) to inspect the dwelling, work on it, or show it to prospective tenants at any and all reasonable times.
8) not to keep any liquid-filled furniture in this dwelling.
9) to pay rent by check or money order made out to the Owner(s) (returned checks will have applicable late payment fees).
10) to pay for repairs of all damage, they or their guests have caused.
11) to pay for any windows broken in the dwelling while they live there.

Violation of any part of this Agreement or nonpayment of rent when due shall be cause for eviction under applicable code sections. The prevailing party (shall/shall not) recover reasonable legal service fees involved.

Tenants hereby acknowledge that they have read this Agreement, understand it, agree to it, and have been given a copy.

Owner: __________________________ Tenant: _____________________________
By: _____________________________ Tenant: ____________________________


Confidential information is defined as any information found in a patient’s medical record, personal information, and work-related information (including salary information). All information relating to a patient’s care, treatment, or condition constitutes confidential information. This confidentiality policy also encompasses any trade secret scientific or technical information developed by the company or its personnel.

Employees shall never discuss a patient’s medical condition with any non-employee of the Practice, friends, or family members. Confidential matters involving patients will not be discussed in areas where they might be overheard by other patients or other non-employees of the Practice. Staff members are to be aware at all times that conversations regarding patients are not to be overheard by others and take appropriate steps to ensure this confidentiality.

All salary information is confidential and may not be shared with others in the clinic or with patients. Only authorized individuals may relay salary information to employees or non-employees.

Any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information by employees could render the clinic liable for damages. Any employee who violates the confidentiality of clinic, medical- or employee-related information is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment.

I have received a copy of, read, understand, and agree to uphold this written policy on matters of confidential information and trade secrets.
I also understand that in my daily job duties, I will have free access to confidential clinic operations and any violation of confidentiality, in whole or in part, could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination and/or legal action.
I recognize that this signed document of my agreement to uphold the provisions of this policy will be kept on file in my personnel file.

Signed this ____________ day of ____________________________

Employee: ______________________________________________

Witnessed by Practice representative: ________________________________________

Date: _____________________________


________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Prospective Husband,

and _______________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Prospective Wife,

hereby agree on this _____ day of ________________, in the year ______, as follows:

Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife contemplate marriage in the near future and wish to establish their respective rights and responsibilities regarding each other’s income and property and the income and property that may be acquired, either separately or together, during the marriage.

Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife have made a full and complete disclosure to each other of all of their financial assets and liabilities, as more fully set forth in the accompanying Financial Statements, attached hereto as Exhibits A and B.

Except as otherwise provided below, Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife waive the following rights:

To share in each other’s estates upon their death.
To spousal maintenance, both temporary and permanent.
To share in the increase in value during the marriage of the separate property of the parties.
To share in the pension, profit sharing, or other retirement accounts of the other.
To the division of the separate property of the parties, whether currently held or hereafter acquired.
To any claims based on the period of cohabitation of the parties.


[ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS HERE. These can range from prescribing that the children will be raised in a particular religion to allocating household chores between the parties.]

Both Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife are represented by separate and independent legal counsel of their own choosing.
Both Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife have separate income and assets to independently provide for their own respective financial needs.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and may be modified only in a writing executed by both Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife.

In the event it is determined that a provision of this agreement is invalid because it is contrary to applicable law, that provision is deemed separable from the rest of the agreement, such that the remainder of the agreement remains valid and enforceable.

This agreement is made in accordance with the laws of the state of _________________, and any dispute regarding its enforcement will be resolved by reference to the laws of that state.
This agreement will take effect immediately upon the solemnization of the parties’ marriage.


Prospective Husband
Prospective Wife